Do you serve the Senior Community honorably and ethically?


If you do, you're invited to join the Senior Services Alliance networking & outreach organization.

We are a vibrant group of business professionals focusing on education, networking and introductions to better service our clients.


You're invited to join our regular Zoom meetings!
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Zoom meetings are held twice monthly, on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday mornings from 8:30-10:00 AM (US Eastern). We alternate meetings between (a) guest speakers who are invited to make a presentation and answer questions and (b) general networking meetings.

  •  Guest speakers address new and improved ways to service the Senior Community and to enhance the scope, effectiveness and efficiency of our services.

  •  General meetings include educational sessions, infomercials and networking rooms where we discuss pertinent topics.


Members are encouraged to share contact information and connect with each other to extend their networking beyond the meetings.

If you serve the Senior Community, we invite you to an upcoming meeting to learn more about our group. There are no fees to join and we do not share our membership list with others.

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Join us for these upcoming exciting programs!

Sept. 28th, 2022


Semi-monthly virtual networking event. It includes break-out rooms, infomercials and general discussions.

Registration link coming soon.

Aug. 24th, 2022


Semi-monthly virtual networking event. It includes break-out rooms, infomercials and general discussions.

Discussion Topics:  1) What causes you stress in your job?  2) What do you do to relieve that stress?


Registration here.

Sept. 14th, 2022


Steve Petrow - A free-ranging adventure in Elder-Land with the author of "Stupid Things I Won’t Do          When I Get Old”


Registration here

Mark Your Calendars for Future Featured Speakers

October 12th, 2022: Amy O'Rourke - "The Fragile Years" a look at the challenges in making medical decisions for the elderly.

November 9th, 2022: Andre Lingham - "Seniors & Fraud: Financial Exploitations:  Frauds and Scams and/or Identity Theft:           The Illusion of Privacy and/or a combination of both."

December 14th, 2022: Secretary Rona Kramer - The State of Maryland's Senior Support Services - A joint event with the Positive Aging community. (Time to be announced.)